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GCSA Academics

Game Changers Sports Academy instills four core beliefs into our students for when they are in the classroom. They are Education, Accountability, Integrity and Discipline 

Benefits with Online
Education at GCSA

Classroom Benefits

- Small Classroom Sizes 

- 15:1 ratio for student to teacher

- Interactive learning

- Direct instruction

- Monitored Internet Access

Student Benefits 

- Individual Education Plan

- Self-paced learning

- Daily Curriculum tracking

- Optional Advanced level Classes for Students

- Required study hall for all students not maintaining a 3.0 GPA or better


 "Make your athlete a better student and your student a better athlete"

About Delta Academy

The Academic curriculum is accredited through NCAA and AdvancedED


CCSD Sponsored Charter School.





Electives and Curriculum

English Language Arts

English Language Arts 6 

English Language Arts 7

English Language Arts 8 

English Language Arts 9 H 

English Language Arts 10 H 

English Language Arts 11 H 

English Language Arts 12 H 

Literacy & Comprehension I 

Literacy & Comprehension II 

Expository Reading and Writing 

Introduction to Communications & Speech 

Classic Novels & Author Studies

Social Studies

Grade 6 Early World Civilizations (semester)

Grade 6 Early World Civilizations (full year) 

Grade 7 World Geography (semester)

Grade 7 World Geography (full year) 

Grade 8 U.S. History

Middle School Financial Literac

Civics and Economics H 


Human Geography

Modern World History

U.S. History H 

U.S. Government

World History H 

World Languages 

Middle School

Spanish I

Spanish II 

High School

Spanish I

Spanish II

Spanish III


Mathematics 6 

Mathematics 7 

Mathematics 8/Middle School Pre-Algebra 

High School Pre-Algebra 

Algebra I H

Geometry H 

Algebra II H 

Precalculus H 

Mathematics I 

Mathematics II 

Mathematics III 

Mathematical Models with Applications

Financial Math 



Concepts in Probability and Statistics 


Science 6 

Science 7 

Science 8 

Earth Science H 

Biology H 

Chemistry H

Physics H 

Environmental Science H 



Interested in Scheduling a tour?

We would be happy to show you around our facility and answer any questions you may have! We understand that your childs education and training is important to you and we would love to provide that for you!

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