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 "Make your athlete a better student and your student a better athlete"


GCS Recovery
powered by ageless


360° bed utilizes 4 wavelengths of RED/NEAR infrared light. Overall this product is meant to accelerate healing, reduce pain, slow aging and increase range of motion. By reducing oxidative stress, it speeds up the bodies recovery process



Provides constant cold temperature while adding various levels of intermittent

pressure to the affected area. It helps with blood flow and decreases swelling to heal

soft tissue.



Targets a specific area of the leg athlete would like to treat vs. compression systems that target the entire leg. It helps to decrease muscle recovery time & reduces soreness.



Laser spot treatment that uses light-based technology proven to be highly effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems and wound healing.



Advanced form of cold therapy for the use of health & recovery benefits. Whole-body

Cryotherapy is a specialized chamber using liquid nitrogen. It helps to decrease pain

& muscle spasms.


      GCS Recovery
powered by
Limitless Therapy Services

Full time Licensed Athletic Trainer (ATC)

- Injury prevention, exercises, and drills

- Triage of any injuries that may occur to your student

- Pre-participation Orthopedic Evaluation by ATC & Physical Therapist

- High-Speed 2D Motion Capture Biomechanics Evaluation 3x/year used to track and evaluate progress. Assists with an individualized plan to eliminate deficiencies in physical performance.

- Limited preventative/recovery/injury management interventions as deemed necessary by Limitless staff.

Foodie Fit

Foodie Fit is Las Vegas’ premier meal prep company that combines the knowledge of macronutrients and micronutrients to create healthy and delicious dishes.

Athletes will have lunch available each day, included in tuition cost.  

a la carte options available for breakfast and dinner

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